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Karpeles Arts

The artistic vision of Atanas Karpeles is about color, energy and vibration, and the evolution of humanity to perfection and self realization. The art is not a goal by itself, but is a medium for presenting the subtle perceptions of the internal realm. The artist has been profoundly influenced by ancient philosophies, where personal inner harmony and beauty are the balance between color, shape and line. For Karpeles, color is a key element throughout which the creative spirit works onto canvas. The shape becomes a soul, and line becomes a body of the art.

Once the artist feels the energy, then one can create an entire new alphabet and discover his special ingredient that gives him this unique art. Karpeles conbines various materials such as paint, sand, wood, glass and foil to create his personal perception of men’s quest to be in harmony with nature and his higher self. “When we change our point of view, the universe will change. Then and only then, we can see the world in its reality.”


48" Ht x 60" W

Acrylic & Oil on Canvas


48" Ht x 60" W

Acrylic, Oil & Resin on Canas


44" Ht x 60" W

Oil & Mixed Media 0n Canvas


48" Ht x 60" W

Acrylic, Oil & Varnish on Canvas

OPENING RECEPTION NIGHT: 03/09/2019 from 6 pm - 9 pm

EXHIBITION: 03/09/2019 through 03/30/2019

Walt Girdner Gallery

27 S. El Molino Avenue

Pasadena, CA 91101

(626) 817-9083

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