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Majestic Beauty

Nader has always been infatuated with all forms of art.  He started photography and painting when he was a teen, and he continued this passion into his 20's, holding various photography exhibits in Iran.  After the Islamic Revolution, Nader took his experience over to the US and dove right into the photography industry where he worked on perfecting his artistic craft within a photo lab.  This invaluable experience expanded his abilities to print the perfect picture whether it was in black and white or color.  Nader then became a REALTOR® and incorporated doing what he loves by taking artistic photos of his real estate listings.  However, this wasn't enough to satisfy his artistic ambition so he decided to develop his own art portfolio which revolves around Long Exposures, Astro, and Macro photography.  As for his primary subjects, they are usually nightscapes, stars, flowers, grapes and abstract visuals with plenty of textures and colors.

In addition to his artistic devotion, Nader has been graciously donating some of his artwork to benefit the Berkshire Hathaway Charitable Foundation.  

Nader is taking a step in the next direction of his photography career by launching his own art expo in the US so he can educate and inspire others to pursue their artistic dreams.

"Discovering life through a camera will allow you to explore the majestic beauty of the world beyond what you are able to see with your own eyes." ~Nader Naderi


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