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VIVID Life As Color

Such as life, the strong bold colors from this new exhibition by artist Sean Hoodye bring VIVID emotions and raw energy through his canvas paintings, sculptural thin set pieces, and abstract wood panels.

We see upon some canvases the faces of people and places that are exquisite, tender, wondrous, and dreamlike; sensuality and spirituality abound here. Then, one turns a corner and also glimpses a darker world populated by those who struggle in its margins: defeated, unforgiven, incriminated and silently calling for our attention and compassion; watching us warily lest we also bring along judgment and hypocrisy - the logs in our own eyes as we loftily disdain the splinters in theirs.

When Sean is not creating art at his home studio, he is a Denfensive Tactics Instructor for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's department where he helps people give themselves the mental and physical tools to stay alive. "Being a teacher is the most rewarding job I have ever had," he noted. Sean has been a Sheriff Deputy for 29 years and has been a street cop, detective, and on the SWAT team.


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