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Roy Chang is a photographer, teacher, and founder of DreamTreeVisions. His dream is that every person fully engages with life and has endless experiences of love and joy. His passion is photography. For Roy, the camera provides a perfect way to instantly capture life’s precious moments forever and photographs are his way of sharing those moments for eternity. Roy’s photographs are beautiful and filled with the energy of our world, and yet peaceful at the same time. DreamTreeVisions stems from an old Korean folk tale. Loosely translated there is an ancient tree that grants the wish of children in need of kindness, comfort, rest, and love. DreamTreeVisions’ mission is to share the beauty found in our world and inspire youth to find and follow their passion.

Sadly, Roy passed away unexpectedly before this showing of his life’s work could be shared. Prior to his death, he had worked with Walt Girdner Studio to host this show. Roy’s family and close friends now invite you to come celebrate Roy through his photographs and share in the beauty and joy they exude. All proceeds from sales will go to the DreamTreeVisions’ scholarship fund to continue Roy’s dream of inspiring high school students to find their bliss.


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