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After wandering in the midst of secluded towns of Europe and the United States, Juliet Lai returns for a second series of her Argyrotype print works to unravel manmade creations to their most raw, dilapidated state but beneath it all, its treasured moments once full of tears and laughter that remind us of what will outlast even time. The collection, Fragments of the Past II, winds through moments of silvery dust floating midair amongst grand villas and palaces that once held lavish banquets, creaking floorboards as one approaches now grey and torn screens of a quaint cinema that captured the entire town audience, and remnants of institutions such as orphanages and mental asylums where more tales lie within the silent walls than in books. Some of these structures linger in the corner of what have become sleepy old towns whose history is fading along with the buildings. With Juliet’s new presentation of the lush and seductive Argyrotype handmade prints, she offers a visual tribute that honors the designers and architects of these once glorious places that have so captured her imagination of the past.

Juliet Lai is a photographer in residence at ELAC Photo Dept and also functions as an Emergency Department/Trauma Pharmacist at which some of the knowledge of pharmaceutical compounding can be applied to the alternative photographic processes.

Fragments of the Past II

The Argyrotype images by Juliet Lai

Instagram: @julietlaiphotography


27 South El Molino Avenue

Pasadena, CA 91101

(626) 817-9083

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